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Living Waters Children ProgramThe purpose of Children’s ministry at Living Waters Church is to support parents to raise their children to grow in godly character with Christian values. Kid’s Church is a fun, safe and loving environment for children ages 3 to grade 5 to learn about Jesus. Every child is welcome. Children are invited upstairs to Kids’ church at 11:10am every Sunday following our corporate worship.

Our small group setting allows our leaders to develop closer relationships with the children, providing opportunities for encouragement and spiritual growth. Hands-on experiences related to Bible teachings bring these stories to life, enabling them to both understand and apply the lessons in their lives.

At Living Waters Church, we ensure your child will be safe by making certain that each volunteer and member of staff has a criminal record check, takes the Plan to Protect training, be approved by the pastor, and be a regular attendee of Living Waters Church for at least 6 months.